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Premade Moon Dream Background 3 by LadyOfManyArtForms Premade Moon Dream Background 3 by LadyOfManyArtForms
I Create All My Stock On Corel Photo Impact X3/Or From Photography.

1)Please Link Back To Me If You Have Used My Stock So That I Can Fave Your Work.

2)All Stock Must ONLY be Used On Deviant Art in the past I Have let others use on my stock for blogging websites etc
but it is becoming to confusing because I just get a link and there is no credit of such and I like to see how my stock is used
there for it is best to keep it used for only art that I Can see on Deviant art.

3)My Stock Must NEVER be used for any Kind of Abusive/Cruelty type of Art.

4)Stamp Bases You may use them for anything really as long as it does Not offend anyone. Again upload to d.a only please.
You may of course have them on your Deviant Art Page that includes ones I have made that you may like to put on your page.

5)All My stocks Are Free I NEVER charge anything for them just simply download and use.

6)I DO NOT Take Requests when it comes to Stock because I am after all a newbie to making and creating stock.

7)You May use my stock for Creating Journal Skins/Premade Backgrounds/Wallpapers/Stamps/CSS Gallery Covers/
Facebook Timeline Covers/Youtube Skins/Winamp Skins/Templates/Photomanipulation/Drawings.

8)Last Of All Have Fun And Be Creative.

9)My Modeling Photos are NOT stock.

Moon :iconjustiej:
Firefly Glow/Sky (My Own Stock)
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February 24, 2013
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